Do You Need A Visa To Go To Cambodia? – Essential Information

Cambodia’s a country in South-East Asia known for its attractive beaches and islands, beautiful temples, delicious food, and rich history and cultural heritage.

In fact, it’s one of the most popular destinations for many tourists across the world.

To travel to this country, one needs to have a passport with a single empty page, and valid for about six months, and most importantly, one must acquire a visa card. This article specializes in visas which must be obtained before visiting Cambodia. 


  1. You Actually Need A Visa
  2. Visas Validity Period
  3. Visa Note

You Actually Need A Visa

Do You Need A Visa To Go To Cambodia

Actually, you need a Visa in order to be allowed entry to Cambodia except if you come from countries which are not subject to visas. Some of those countries include Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Seychelles, and Thailand.

If you come from one of these countries, you don’t need a visa to visit Cambodia.

You can acquire Visas in advance through the internet (E-Visa) for just thirty dollars but with an additional amount of six dollars which is used as a processing fee. 

Alternatively, you can obtain one for only thirty dollars at Siam-Riep or Phnom-Penh International Airports upon arrival. 

You should carry a passport photo if you wish to obtain a visa in Cambodia upon arrival.

Visas Validity Period

Do You Need A Visa To Go To Cambodia

Mostly, visas are valid for a certain period of time, usually one month from the date you arrived in Cambodia.

Visas offered by the Royal-Cambodian-Embassy seems to have a validity period that is unusually longer – more than thirty days.

So it’s important to ensure that when you arrive in the country, your passport is well stamped. Also, keep safe the departure-form to prevent it from being lost (If lost, lengthy procedures are required before you leave Cambodia to your home country).

A fine of ten dollars per-day is commonly pain to those who overstay their visa-cards. Other than being fined, a person can be deported or detained. 

If you overstay your card for more than one month, you will be required to pay the financial penalty as well as leave the Country immediately.

You can extend the validity period of your visa-card for an additional one month (tourist-visas) or between one month and a year (business-visas).

Visa Note

Do You Need A Visa To Go To Cambodia

When applying for a visa, you need to give the necessary details such as travel itinerary or flight-details attached your main application.

Applications that involve a Posta should contain an envelope (self-addressed) for the passport’s return.

You should also consider applying for an ACMECS-VISA if you come from France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, USA, Sweden, Greece, or any other country within Central Europe.

This is actually a three-month joint-visa that will allow you to be allowed entry to both Cambodia and Thailand.

ACMECS-VISA is worth applying for especially if you’re organizing a more than a month stay in Cambodia or Thailand. The visa is good and might save you a great deal of money as well as an unnecessary fine if you break the law without any idea what you’re doing.

So, a Visa is an essential requirement when traveling to Cambodia.

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