Cambodia Visa For Canadian Citizens – Online Application

Do Canadian citizens need a visa for Cambodia?

All foreign travelers, including Canadian citizens, are required to obtain a suitable visa before leaving for a journey to Cambodia.

However, there is no need for you to schedule a time-consuming appointment at the closest Embassy or Consulate. The Cambodia visa for Canadian citizens is now available online.

The electronic entry permit is issued for 90 days and allows for a 30-day trip for purposes including tourism and transit. If you wish to visit Cambodia for other reasons, you must visit the nearest Embassy or Consulate and request a regular visa.


  1. How to get a Cambodia visa from Canada?
  2. Types of visa
  3. Cambodia e-Visa application form for Canadian citizens
  4. Cambodia visa requirements for Canadian citizens
  5. How long can a Canadian citizen stay in Cambodia?
  6. Benefits of Cambodia e-Visa

How to get a Cambodia visa from Canada?

Cambodia Visa For Canadian Citizens

To proceed with the online application for the Tourist Visa for Canadian citizens, you must first make sure you have a working electronic device. You may use either a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, but it is essential that the device has a stable Internet connection.

During the registration for Cambodia electronic visa, you will be asked to complete a special application form. Remember to answer all the questions truthfully.

Once your Cambodia visa online is approved, it will be delivered to your e-mail address in PDF form. It is essential to print it out before leaving for the vacation – digital copies are not accepted by the immigration officers at Cambodian entry ports.

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What are the types of Cambodia electronic visas?

Cambodia Visa For Canadian Citizens

Currently, there is only one type of Cambodian e-Visa available. It is issued for foreign travelers who wish to visit Cambodia for purposes including tourism and transit. With the permit, you can:

  • enjoy holidays
  • attend a sightseeing tour
  • meet with friends and family
  • engage in non-business activities
  • transit through Cambodia to another final destination

Remember that the Cambodian Tourist Visa issued online is not a work permit. Therefore, you are strictly forbidden from performing any kind of paid or unpaid work while temporarily residing in the country.


Cambodia e-Visa application form for Canadian citizens

If you wish to enter Cambodia, you must apply for a Cambodia Tourist Visa. All Canadian passport holders are eligible for the online application.

Registration for an electronic Cambodia visa consists of the following steps:

  • select the purpose for the travel (Transit Visa or Tourist Visa)
  • fill in the application form (personal data and passport information)
  • upload the required documentation (documents in digital form)
  • cover the payment for the visa processing (99 EUR in total)
  • wait for the visa approval notice (sent to your e-mail)

You can pay the fee using the online payment method of your choice. We accept credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.

It is highly recommended to double-check the completed application form before submitting it to be processed. If there are any discrepancies in your inquiry (such as spelling mistakes), your visa may be rejected.

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Cambodia visa requirements for Canadian citizens

Cambodia Visa For Canadian Citizens

Before applying online for the Cambodian visa, you should check if you have all the required documentation. Luckily, the requirements are relatively minimal.

Documents required for Cambodia visa application:

  • photo of the passport bio-data page (clear, legible)
  • photo of the applicant (formal, biometric)
  • Documents required on arrival in Cambodia:
  • valid Canadian passport
  • printed copy of the approved online visa

If you meet all the necessary requirements, you can easily apply for a Cambodia visa for Canadian citizens. Remember that with a valid e-Visa, you can visit the country only once.


How long can a Canadian citizen stay in Cambodia?

Once approved, the Cambodia eVisa remains valid for 90 days (3 months) from the issuing date. With the permit, you are allowed to enter Cambodia and stay there for up to 30 days.

It is essential that your Canadian passport remains valid throughout your entire journey abroad. If it expires early, your e-Visa will also be considered invalid, and you will not be able to enter Cambodia.

Benefits of Cambodia e-Visa

There are many advantages to the online application for the Cambodian e-Visa.

The registration procedure is very convenient as it may be conducted entirely online. To obtain the permit, all you need to do is complete the questionnaire, upload the required documents, and make the payment for visa processing. Then, the approved visa will be conveniently sent to your e-mail address.

The application process is not complicated, but if you happen to face any problems with the form, you can always count on the Support Team. Our experts are qualified professionals ready to help you in case of any obstacles.


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