Cambodia Tourist Visa On Arrival – Entry Requirements

Also known as T visa, the Cambodia tourist visa (T class) allows a foreign national intending to stay within the Kingdom of Cambodia for 30 days or fewer. 


  1. How to get it?
  2. Eligibility conditions
  3. How to apply?

How to get it?

Cambodia Tourist Visa On Arrival

The 30-day Cambodia tourist visa on arrival can be issued d to foreign nationals in advance, or on arrival for at the airport. The tourist visa can be extended up to 30 more days by paying.

After the expiry of the extended period, the tourist must leave the country and come again to obtain a new visa.

Note that a Cambodian tourist visa is mandatory if the aim of travel is tourism. 

Note also that if you intend to stay in Cambodia for an extended period, you should obtain on an ordinary visa that is renewable regularly with the expiry.

Eligibility conditions

Cambodia Tourist Visa On Arrival

Foreign nationals wishing to visit Cambodia can buy a tourist visa at the airports in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and international borders. The tourist visa is issued with a one-month validity.

All the foreign nationals must hold a passport of their country with a minimum validity period of six months.

You must leave the country after the expiry of the extension period. 

The tourist visa is issued to foreign nationals according to the nationality as per rules that are in force from time to time.

How to apply?

Cambodia Tourist Visa On Arrival

Before applying for Cambodia tourist vas, it is sensible to check the time taken for processing the application for a visa.

You can also apply online. Check if your country nationals are eligible for applying online by visiting the website homepage.
Cambodia e-Visa

The Kingdom of Cambodia e-Visa is the online authorization from the Government. It’s equal to a visa. It does not carry a label or stamp in the passport.

The e-Visa is meant to allow foreign nationals with valid passports for traveling within Cambodia.

Apply online for e-visa by visiting the website homepage. Make sure to fill in the data in e-Visa applications correctly. Thy should all match those in your passport.

Note that e-Visa holders can enter Cambodia via Phnom Penh International Airport, Sihanoukville International Airport, Siem Reap International Airport, Cham Yeam (Koh Kong Province), Bavet, Sihanoukville International Airport, Troping Kreal Border Post and via no other points of entry.

Take care of these points with respect to Cambodia tourist visa on arrival without fail:

  • Port of entry – It is the place where the applicant arrives in Cambodia. This must be indicated in the application.
  • In the photograph, the head should be at the center. It should show a full, front and clear view of the face of the applicant and the background should be white.
  • Applicant’s head with both hair and face need to be shown clearly from the crown of the head to the thin tip.
  • The photographs should not be older than six months. No hats, caps or sunglasses are allowed on the photograph.
  • The photograph should present a natural, closed mouth hand open yes looking ahead.
  • Scanned photos, color photographs of passport size photos are not permissible.
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