Cambodia Visa Photo Size – Requirements

Cambodian passport and visa authorities are more particular about the photo of the traveler on his passport or visa documents.

If you are a citizen of some other country and are applying for a Cambodian visa then you will have to follow certain rules and regulations about the Cambodia visa photo size and other specifications.

Brief information provided hereunder can help you in understanding the thing more precisely. 


  1. Specifications of visa photo
  2. Rules and requirements for Cambodia visa photo

Specifications of visa photo

Cambodia Visa Photo Size

  • The size of a visa photo should be 50×50 mm or 2×2 inches. It can be black and white or colored but the measurement of a head from forehead to chin should not be less than 25mm and more than 35mm.
  • The position of your head should be squared and centered with the camera and it should not be older than six months.
  • The background of the photo should either be off-white or white and you should smile naturally with a closed mouth. Your eyes should look into the camera and should be wide open. If you are prescribed glasses then your eyes should be visible in the photo.
  • Headgear is allowed only in case of medical or religious reasons. The size and dimension of the digital photo should not be more than 1MB and 400×600 to 800×1200 pixels in PNG, BMP or JPEG format. You should not wear light colored or white shirt. 

Rules and requirements for Cambodia visa photo

Cambodia Visa Photo Size

Some of the guidelines for submitting photos for Cambodian visa are briefly described hereunder. You should consider these guidelines while taking a photo exactly as required to apply for your Cambodian visa.

  • It is very important to focus on Cambodia visa photo size as it can be rejected if it is not exactly of the size provided above in this write-up.
  • You can have a black and white or colored photo for this purpose but it should reflect your features truly and naturally if it is black and white.
  • It is good if you are smiling in the photo but you should not show your teeth in it. You should keep your face look natural or have a slight smile on your lips.
  • Wearing large jewelry, hair pieces or hats is not allowed in the photo for Cambodian visa. But if you have to wear a headgear due to medical reasons or religious reasons then it should not cover the looks of your face.
  • Your hair should not cast shadows on your face you should sweep them back behind your ears.
    Wearing tinted glass or sunglasses are also not allowed in visa photo but you can wear prescription glasses with your eyes visible within its frame.
  • Flash should not be directed in the line of your eyes as it will make your eyes look red, which is not acceptable.
  • The lighting while taking visa photo should neither be too light or too dark otherwise it can be rejected. The flash should not create any kind of reflection on you or background. The light should expose the natural features and tome of your skin.
  • Though it is not mandatory you should avoid wearing light colored or white shirt as it will mix up with the white background and your definite image cannot be seen.
  • The paper used for taking print of your photo should be of high quality.


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