Cambodia Visa for Chinese Citizens – Tourist Advice

Whenever any Chinese citizen wishes to travel to Cambodia he/she must have a visa.

There as so many ways that any Chinese citizen may follow when applying for a visa. However, you must know that there are so many people who may take advantage of you while you are applying for the Cambodia visa for Chinese citizens and decide to con you.

To avoid that you must consult the Cambodian visa application agency for the directions. 


  1. Requirements when applying for a Cambodian visa
  2. You may need a few more supporting documents

Requirements when applying for a Cambodian visa

Cambodia Visa for Chinese Citizens

To apply for Cambodia visa for Chinese citizens, you must ensure that you have the following documents. 

You may need a few more supporting documents

The following ones are essential:

Application form – Properly and accurately written and signed. (You can access this application form online at the visa Cambodian visa application agency)

  1. Your medical insurance
  2. Photographs – as stipulated in the Return flight reservations
  3. Valid passport – issued within the last ten years and valid for more than three months before you travel
  4. Covering letter – A letter stating the purpose of travel and duration of stay along with detailed travel itinerary
  5. Proof of economic means
  6. Proof of accommodation

Also, you might need more documents based on the details that are stated in the covering letter. The requirements would be different for an educational visa, employment visa, business visa and so on.

More importantly, you could need some documents like:

  1. Marriage certificate and a wedding card for honeymoon travel
  2. Marriage certificate – if there isn’t any spouse endorsed in passport
  3. NOC for employers – Salaried travelers
  4. Medical registration Certificate for doctors

In most cases, it is very easy to get confused. So many first timers think, “How do I apply for a Cambodia visa for Chinese citizens?” When you are in China, you need to download an online Visa form, fill it and submit it with rest of the documents.

Remember to attach all the documents that are indicated in the visa application form.

Cambodia Visa for Chinese Citizens

Acceptance and rejection of your visa depending on the submission officials, who approve or disapprove the visa. Once, you have paid the visa fees; you need to track the visa process via agency website, email or SMS.

Then, you can collect the passport when the passport is made available at the agency office or your correspondence address.

The time needed for this process varies from person to person. Since time is a crucial factor and you don’t want to miss the travel date because you didn’t get your visa, you must ensure that you apply in advance.

Thus, you won’t miss out on your travel dates and flight bookings if there is any delay in the submission or visa approval process.

So, before you plan your Italy trip, talk to your visa agent or agency to book the Cambodian Visa as per your convenience.

When the Cambodia visa for Chinese citizens that you applied is successful, the visa issuing authorities will be able to email for confirmation.

In case you wish to apply for Cambodian visa and you are a Chinese citizen you should not worry, provided you follow the above guide, you will be successful.


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