How to Get a Retirement Visa to Cambodia

In recent years, Cambodia has been considered one of the best countries in the whole world to retire. With its low cost of living, unique culture, and friendly local people – not to mention the gorgeous ocean views along its coast – Cambodia is an ideal destination for seniors to relax and explore.

For travelers looking to settle abroad in this beautiful country, Cambodia offers a retirement visa program with many benefits.

A Cambodia retirement visa enables retirees to live in Cambodia for 12 months with an option of one-year renewable extensions.

People willing to retire in Cambodia must be 55 of age or older and prove that they are retired and unemployed. In order to get a retirement visa to Cambodia, it is necessary to apply for a regular visa first and then submit an application with some documents attached.

Don’t miss the opportunity to spend your golden years in one of the most magnificent countries – Cambodia! Go on reading to get more details on Cambodia retirement visa and its application process.

Get Visa to Cambodia


Cambodia retirement visa eligibility

If you want to get a Cambodia visa for retirement, you need to satisfy the following conditions:

  • Your age must be 55 or older
  • You must prove you are retired (get a pension or social security documentation) and have sufficient financial funds (bank or retirement fund statements)
  • You must be unemployed

Get Visa to Cambodia

How to obtain a Cambodian retirement visa

Many people are willing to retire in Cambodia, as the process of obtaining a Cambodian visa for retirement is extremely easy.

The application process includes such steps:

  1. Before all, you have to apply for a regular visa type (E-class, not a tourist visa) in a Cambodian embassy or consulate and then select the ER Retirement visa option.
  2. Once you enter Cambodia, you should extend your retirement visa (ER) at the Immigration Department of the Cambodian National Police.
  3. Complete the application form for the retirement visa and review all your information before proceeding to payment.
  4. Cover the processing fees and submit your application.

Retirement Cambodian visa requirements

To apply for a retirement visa (Cambodia), you should provide the following documents:

  • a passport – it must be original and effective for at least 6 months from the intended date of arrival in Cambodia
  • proof of sufficient financial means – retirement fund or bank statements
  • proof of retirement – pension or social security documents
  • three recent face photographs – they should have white backgrounds and neutral facial expressions

Retirement visa validity

The retirement visa stays valid for a one-year period. It grants residence for the same time – 12 months.

To have a more extended stay, you must apply for an extension. It will enable you to stay in Cambodia for another year.

Get Visa to Cambodia

Benefits of Cambodia retirement visa

A Cambodia retirement visa offers retirees huge benefits:

  • visa holders get the same rights as Cambodian residents
  • retirees can rent and own a property (they can buy property from the second floor and above)
  • under a retirement visa, one can also buy a car
  • the visa for retirement allows its holders to reside in Cambodia for the entire year and even longer if it gets extended
  • the application process is relatively simple and doesn’t require many documents to attach
  • living costs in Cambodia are pretty cheap compared to other Asian countries
  • Cambodia has a great quality of life with a very peaceful environment
  • locals are friendly to foreigners, so you will be warmly welcomed and immediately become their community
  • medication in Cambodia is quite affordable


Popular retirement destinations in Cambodia

Cambodia is a beautiful country with many excellent places to live. You may choose cities with vibrant life or quieter places – whatever you like.

Siem Reap

Siem Reap has always been a popular retirement destination, offering fascinating cultural and historical attractions. In particular, the awe-inspiring Angkor Wat temple complex holds immense appeal for travelers from far and wide, with its intricate artwork and dense jungle surroundings.

However, Siem Reap offers far more than just temples. Whether you choose – shopping at bustling markets or catching a show at one of the many performing arts venues, you’re sure to find plenty to keep you entertained in this unique destination.

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is a perfect location for retirees to move and settle down. They can easily explore the surrounding charm with comfortable transportation such as tuk-tuks and public buses.

There are many cultural attractions such as museums, art galleries, and workshops to find entertainment. Additionally, there is a wide range of affordable housing options, which makes it ideal for those who wish to live in their retirement on a budget.


Sihanoukville, the picturesque coastal city in Cambodia, is the perfect destination for retirees looking to make the most of their golden years. With its unspoiled natural beauty, there are plenty of activities that will bring joy to active seniors – from days spent at beaches to renting colorful boats to explore local islands.

Furthermore, retirees will appreciate the city’s affordable cost of living, access to high-quality healthcare facilities, and friendly locals.


Located on the beautiful and tranquil stretches of the Kampot River, Kampot is a great option for those intending to retire.

Activities such as kayaking, fishing, bird watching, and exploring the many caves in Bokor National Park are great for adventure seekers. And those seeking some relaxation will find themselves surrounded by peaceful mountain scenes and colorful temples throughout the area.

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