The Ultimate Guide on How to Get a Business Visa to Cambodia

If you are looking to travel to Cambodia for business, a Cambodia business visa is an essential requirement. The Cambodia business visa permits one to travel to Cambodia in order to participate in business meetings, conferences, and attend other business activities in Cambodia.

A business visa for Cambodia stays valid for up to 3 months from the date of issue and allows a traveler to stay in the country for 30 days.

It is possible to extend the visa up to 12 months to have a more lengthy stay in the country. Depending on the official’s decision, a person may obtain a single-entry or multiple-entry Cambodia visa.

As of now, there is no option to apply for a Cambodian business visa online. One can either send all the necessary documentation by mail or have a walk-in appointment with a Cambodian embassy.

An applicant needs to provide the requested details in the visa application form, attach supporting documents, and cover the fee. After the application gets processed, if approved, a sticker visa is affixed to the passport visa page.

It is not allowed to work under a business visa. If you require a work permit, you will need a sponsor to apply for the necessary documents from the ministry in Cambodia.

Applying for a Cambodia business visa can be intimidating, so having an in-depth guide to help you navigate the process is essential.


  1. Cambodia business visa – eligibility requirements
  2. Cambodian business visa application process
  3. Validity period of the Cambodian business visa
  4. How to extend a business visa for Cambodia
  5. Cambodia business visa requirements

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Cambodia business visa – eligibility requirements

In order to be eligible for a Cambodia business visa, you need to satisfy the following conditions:

  • the purpose of your trip to Cambodia must be connected to business-related activities
  • you must own a valid passport
  • you must be invited by a Cambodian company
  • you must be of good character – you must have a clean criminal record and be of good character
  • you must have sufficient financial means to support yourself during the trip
  • you should have valid reasons to return – strong ties to your home country
  • you should be in good health – you must meet the minimum health requirements

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Cambodian business visa application process

There is no electronic visa for business purposes in Cambodia yet, so an applicant must choose between two options – sending the application via mail with a tracking number and posted stamps or attending an embassy in person.

Knowing all important information beforehand will make your application process easier and faster. By following the guide on how to get a Cambodia business visa, you will have access to all of the important details concerning how to obtain one quickly and successfully:

  1. Fill out the Cambodia business visa application form. You should provide your basic details, the purpose of travel, contact details, etc.
  2. Check the form, so there are no mistakes or incomplete boxes left.
  3. Attach the required documents.
  4. Pay the fees – only cashier’s checks or money orders in U.S. dollars are accepted.
  5. Submit the application.
  6. Await approval.

If your application is successful, you will receive a Cambodia business visa in the form of a sticker on the passport. Pay attention to the expiry and number of entries. Sometimes you may be issued a multiple-entry visa type.

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Validity period of the Cambodian business visa

The Cambodia business visa is valid for 3 months (90 days) from the date of issue. You should enter Cambodia while your visa stays effective.

Cambodia business visa can be issued as a single-entry or multiple-entry visa, depending on the decision of the officer processing your visa application. Still, a single-entry business visa is more common.

Cambodia visa for business purposes allows its holders to stay in the country for up to 30 days.

How to extend a business visa for Cambodia

You cannot stay in Cambodia with an expired business visa. If your permit becomes invalid, you must immediately leave the country or will be fined and deported.

Fortunately, it is possible to extend a business visa without much effort. It can be extended for another 1 or 3 months and 6 or 12 months. You can do it at the Immigration Department in front of the Phnom Penh Airport or one of the licensed travel agencies in Cambodia.

Cambodia business visa requirements

A Cambodian visa for business requires applicants to attach the following documents:

  • a passport with at least 2 blank pages that doesn’t expire within at least 6 months from arriving in Cambodia
  • one face photo – it must be colored, taken within the previous 6 months; the head must occupy the central position, the face must have a neutral expression; the background should be solid, plain white or gray; non-thick framed and prescription glasses, as well as facial hair is permitted; headgears are allowed only for religious reasons
  • a flight itinerary to Cambodia (if you are going to travel by air, departure to or exit from Cambodia)
  • a letter of invitation from the company in Cambodia describing the details of the visit
  • an employment contract/work agreement
  • company registration license or Certificate of Incorporation (COI)
  • company’s patent tax (latest year)
  • proof of financial evidence
  • a copy of most recent Cambodian visa (if applicable)

Please note that the Cambodian embassy/consulate has the right to ask you for additional documents.

So if your business is taking you to Cambodia, make sure you know all the ins and outs of getting a Cambodia business visa before your trip. The process can be simple if you take all the proper steps and know which pitfalls to avoid.

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