Cambodia Visa For Thai Citizen – Travel Advice

Cambodia visa for Thai citizen can be applied when one wants to stop for a quick break in Cambodia, you will ask the Cambodian embassy to issue a visa for you.

However, the Cambodian visa for Thai citizens is valid for 3 or 6 months only, and you can stay for a month at a time.

The good news is; you can extend your stay in Thailand, but in order to do so you must apply to the Office of Immigration Bureau for the extension on the Cambodian visa for any period and leave it at the discretion of your immigration officer. 


  1. The Requirements for the Cambodian visa
  2. The documentation

So, what do you need to get a visa application approval?

The Requirements for a Cambodian visa

Cambodia Visa For Thai Citizen

The typical reasons for the Cambodian visa for Thai citizens:

Most Thai citizens look forward to visiting Cambodia mostly is either for business, for honeymoon and/or as tourists touring the beautiful country of Cambodian.

If one is Participating in one and/or several sports activities across different countries. 

If one is a member of shipping crew that will visit several ports including the state of Cambodia.

The documentation

Cambodia Visa For Thai Citizen

You will need to submit the essential supporting documents to get the Cambodian visa by submitting the documents to the Cambodian online visa application agency or as required of you in the instructions given.

  1. Visa application form: This form must be filled and signed as demanded from the instruction on it.
  2. Valid passport: The passport must be valid for the next six months from the date of travel.

Proof of travel itinerary: If you are traveling via Thailand, then you need the flight tickets to Thailand and the flight tickets from Thailand to the forward destinations and the approved visa for those countries that you intend to go through.

Letter of invitation: If you are a sportsperson on a trip, then you will need the letter of invitation from the organization that is responsible for the sports one is seeking a Cambodian visa for.

Proof of enough funds: You need sufficient funds to travel from and back to Thailand that will enable or sustain your stay in Cambodia for the requisite duration. For the tourists, they need to have a sum of $ 20,000 in the traveler’s cheque charged per person and $40,000 per family.

For Cambodia visa for Thai citizen, this all seems to go straight and narrow. But, it is hardly so. For example, the consular officer has the right to demand more documents.

This kind of insertion in the visa application processing can delay the trip.

Alternatively, the immigration officer can reject the application without explaining the reason for the rejection. It can also cause some trouble.

So, you, as an applicant seeking a Cambodian visa, must keep an eye out for these minor details. That’s where visa processing service and agencies can be useful as you can consult them to avoid such pitfalls.

Though this may cost you extra fund the information will save you a great deal of time.

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